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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Postcard #'s 1 and 4

I found the image of my first postcard that I painted for the swap. I tried to load it at the bottom of the paragraph below, but for whatever reason(I am VERY technologically challenged)it showed up at the top here...hmm. I need all the help I can get computer wise. I have had my digital SLR camera for 4 years now, and I just figured out TONIGHT how to download my pictures. Seriously! I just kept buying more SD cards when they were full. HAHA!! Yikes. I'm an embarrassment to modern living! Please don't mock me too harshly...:o)
I loved the little birdie love on this card. I have had a real creative high from painting birds with string in their beaks this year. In another post I'll put in some of my paintings featuring that same subject matter. I just need to figure out how to get my words in between the images.!

This is postcard # 4 for Nikki in Washington :o). The colors are alot more subdued than I normally do...but it turned out alright. Hope she likes it.

I have been taking an online course from Stephanie Lee these last few weeks, but unfortunately due to the slow postal system, I just received my kit supplies this week. It's on almost all her jewelry techniques. if you have never seen her stuff, go to her blog. She is incredibly talented, and if I learn how to successfully do even half the stuff she teaches us, I will be so blissed out! I am hoping to have something to take my mind off both kids being in school this year. Jewelry, metal books and inspiration OH MY!! I am also really hoping to be able to come here on a much more regular basis. I want to document my life and art, so I can look back and see some evolution...but I am really shy about putting myself out here in blogland. So much so that I haven't told one person that I am doing this blog, and even changed the name of my last one so no one would find me. HAHA! Shelly, I have no idea how you did, but I'm glad your here! :o)

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  1. Tammy! I'm so glad you're going to Artfest again! Can't wait to see you!!!! Love that you're posting out here... I think I found you because you commented on Erin's blog and then on mine. LOVE the postcards and your style!!! HUGS! -S