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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I am so thankful for...
Juicy ripe blackberry's for breakfast...

my eyesight...I can gaze upon the beauty and light in the world.

homemade organic apple sauce. YUM!!

impossibly beautiful son, sleeping in a sunbeam.

the morning sunshine...

"because a thankful heart is a happy heart." veggie tales

I have been creating up some cool things to ship out to all you sweets who commented on the doll hair post...yeah, it took me A LOT longer than I thought to make 15 little treats for you all. But they had to be just right, then the postal strike and all. I am dying to show you...but I want them to be a surprise too. Ahhh! What to do?? Ask my mom, I call her to tell her I bought her gift for (insert every holiday here) then 5 minutes later Im begging to tell her what it is! LOL!! I find it really hard to keep a gift secret.Teehee! Well, I will restrain myself today, but be warned I might post them tomorrow...I just can't help myself! Ps. if lots of you leave comments ASKING to see them, I would have to post them then...right??? Hahaha! Have a joy filled day sweets!! xoxxo Tam


  1. The pictures are lovely! I vote for getting to see the treats as I heard the postal strike is now in full swing?

  2. I'll put my vote in for SHOW!!! I'm too impatient to wait to show surprises too!! :)

  3. Beautiful boy sleeping in the sunbeam is breathtaking. All your pictures are beautiful. Love you!

  4. today i am wildly and humbly grateful for a sane and happy family and a good relationship with sane and happy relatives. my big family are real decent people and we have a good time when we get together all three generations. Thankful beyond words actually.

  5. I am exactly the same way....I just can't handle suspense!

    It's too hard to suppress excitement!

    ...and that picture of your son is impossibly beautiful :)