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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Some arty things...

I really can't believe how fast the last few weeks went. I meant to post alot sooner. Eeek! I did some last minute travelling with my sweetest friend Michelle, celebrated my birthday, had company for the week and had a Mothers day in there as well...here's a few pictures of some of the last of the Paint your Story class I have been doing.

 My sad girl. One of the beautiful things I love about art is that you can pour in what you are feeling, and be as vague or descriptive as you need to be...and after that spilling out, your heart feels a little brighter.
 Then you can paint whimsical bunnies smelling flowers that look like happy party balloons! LOL!
 It has been really great to stretch and grow in a completely different direction. That's the beauty of learning from other artists. Now I'm not sure how this will play into my regular work...but I don't want to give up the wonderful sense of freedom and play that Mindy's class taught me.
 I decided to make a painted art doll using some of that fun! Anyone who knows me personally knows I LOVE fabric. LOVE IT!! I collect it, and pet it...and maybe hoard it just a teeny bit. (sheepish grin). I also work at a fabric store, and I have been getting a bunch of scraps ad treasures from there. Sigh...so my little art doll titled "All Is Well" is using some of my stash. Little fabric Mary Jane's, and a ruffled skirt.
 A painted face on canvas and free motion stitched details....
And her crowning glory....a whole head of super thin strips of tonnes of different fabric for her hair!
     My mom was up this week, and we had so much fun making art and playing in our art journals. I am so blessed to have a mom that shares so many of my interests. She helped me make a really cool stitched journal last night, so hopefully I will have time to make some art in there over the next week  to show. Hope you all have a marvelous week friends! A little thought for the day...
"People rarely succeed unless they have fun at what they are doing." Dale Carnegie
 Go have some fun people!!    xoxo Tam


  1. Everything is so sweet. Looks like you really enjoyed this class. Can't wait to see your journal. Say hi to your mom for me and give her a big hug! (you get one too!)

  2. Oh I am so glad you finished her, hmmm, I have this little bare spot on my wall and the colors match perfectly. heehee!! Seriously she is super sweet and beautiful. Love the whimsical stuff.

  3. Fabulous doll but she needs some glass buttons!! Your new work is amazing.

  4. So cute, why can't we live closer, I miss you and your Mom... xoxoxo You go girl, Love ya Tam.. Auntie D (o: