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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"The Mercy Seat"

Here is my newest painting I just finished today. I am donating this one to Dawson Creek Gallery for their yearly fundraiser. I hope it brings them some good bids. It is pretty different from the usual art up here...but I am learning to be true to my own voice and style. Otherwise the work just doesn't resonate with people and I can't be proud of it either.
I wish the colors could be as vibrant online as they are in my studio. I must still have spring on the brain! Blooms and butterflies :o)

This is a close up shot of a part of the top. Wishing you a sunny day friends!
                                 xoxo Tam


  1. Love it and I am glad you stay true to your heart, you are unique.

  2. This is no nice! You're too far away, I'd love to see it in your studio!

  3. You are an amazing artist! I actually have 2 children with Autism too. I walked away from my art for the last 15 years! No... closed the door on that chapter in my life, and was unable to look back. No writing, nothing artsy or creative.

    I feel such a huge hole in my soul that nothing can fill.

    I signed up for Lifebook 2014, I hope to get back to feeling like my old creative self!!! Blessings!