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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Early to Port Townsend!

This is my bestest super talented auntie Deb. Every year I have come to Artfest it has been with her, my mom and Doreen. Shes extremely proud of her adorable crown she purchased that day!
Cookie was urging us to come and shop...so we did!
UH! The amazing bead store in Port Townsend...this place was Kryptonite to my wallet!!! But the kindly husband who co-owns the store let us go upstairs for a sneak peek (and shop) of their newest beads they hadn't even gotten out in the store! Heaven! That's my mom Linda next to me (see the resemblance in the smile and the nose)?
AKAMI, another place that loved to empty my wallet. I wish I could have spent longer in there.
Oooh! Some of the wonderful ladies that came up early and hung us with us! WOW! the dinner was delicious (and ladies, you know looking at the Jeremiah eye candy didn't hurt either! LOL!!) You know who you are! Miss you guys already. {{hugs}}.
OOOH! And an exciting sidenote MY COMMENTS are working!! Yeah!! Thank you to my most wonderful friend Regina at http://blog.creativekismet.com oh thank you thank you!!
Luv Tam


  1. YAY for comments! YAYYYYYY for Regina!!! Love this post and all the eye candy! :)

  2. WoooHooo! You're back in business...(now I won't feel like I'm stalking your blog-ha!) Love all the door paintings...I agree old doors have so many stories to tell in all their layers of paint! :)