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Monday, April 9, 2012

Some Art!

I love doors...their worn beauty, their history and stories. Who has come and left through them? Who came running back into the arms of love...who never returned?
I also love their deep symbolism...of change, of opening yourself up to a new mystery.

Or maybe of shutting something out for good. Something that no longer serves you on your journey...or is actually doing you harm.
A gentle soft click of the latch, or a resonating slam! I get to choose who and what I will let in, and what I will keep out. I choose to let in the light and good. I choose to think that hope lies waiting behind that door...I just have to have the courage to reach out and turn the knob.
These are my cone flower fairies...ready to work their magic and step into their little paper boat off to the realm of beauty.

This was originally a painting of cone flower blossoms from my garden, but like many things here it got a makeover into something new.
May your day be filled with light and gratitude my friends! And doors opened with the sunlight pouring in... xoxo Tam


  1. TAMMY!!! Have I told you yet how great it was to meet you at Artfest! You are a magical little faerie yourself, bringing your own special light into the hearts of others.

    Beautiful art and metaphors here. I love being able to see your work!
    xoxo lulu

  2. HI TAMMY! Thanks SO SO MUCH for writing me... unfortunately, blogger does not always provide an email address that I can reply to... hence this comment. I would love to stay in touch.... if you will send my your address... mine is TheRedDoorStudio@yahoo.com

    I am completely thrilled that my little rabbit found the perfect home. I know he will be cherished. And you are so SWEET to buy a copy of my book and the last calendar. You will have to watch for my next calendar line coming out in late summer for 2013.

    Very Very glad our paths crossed at Artfest! XOXO

  3. Way to go Tammy good to see you blogging again

  4. Awww, these are all beautiful~ the doors and the fairies. So much beautiful and rich color and texture. SO behind on emails (ugh). Had family visiting and work too. Will write you very soon. Biggest of hugs my beautiful friend.

  5. I love, love, love the doors, they are too cool. And the remake of the cone flower picture into the fairies is inspired. They are all so beuatiful.

  6. I love your doors Tam. There is such a charm to them and you did the colors and patterns so well. Your fairies are extra sweet too!

  7. Oh tammy I am so happy that your blog is up and running! It was soooo wonderful meeting you and your mom.
    xo katy