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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And the winner is...ALL OF YOU!!

YES! Doesn't that make you laugh out loud with joy!!

(I'm sure my son will want to kill me when he's older for putting this picture on my blog!!LOL!) But for now, i just wanted to say thank you so much to everybody who was so kind and left a comment :o) Please send me your addresses so I can mail you a little present. It may not be an owl for everyone...we will see if I get bored with them to quickly, but I will send you something! Yay!! You can send me an email at tammcgee@gmail.com so your address isn't out there for the world to see! xoxxo Have a super sunny day!!


  1. Wow! That´s very social-democratic of you! ;-) Thank you so much, dearest Tammy! You´re the bestest and kindest! :-D
    Oh, and if you wanna win a little pin-cushin in return, the competition is extremely low so far. I draw on Friday, and no one´s signed up yet. Maybe it´s ugly? Hm. I didn´t think so. But you never know. Ha, ha, ha... Have a great day!

  2. No way! ALL of us!!??!! You are a rock star! :) Sending my address!