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Monday, May 2, 2011


She's a bit shy...and Snoodle has been filling her head with stories of what happens to little lamb's who eat all the chocolate. I think that explains the pensive look. Poor thing.

But she is stuffed full of love and sweetness...


I am at home with a sick girl today, but it was great to be able to finish up the last few things on Olivia and share her. Hope you are all full of joy and health today! xoxo Tam


  1. Oh she is so cute! Hmmm sprinkles would like some company...... I'm just saying. You wouldn't want her to get lonely!!!!

  2. We´re surrounded by little lambs right now, and they´re jumping around with joy. None of them eat chocolate though, so maybe that is why they don´t look so surprised as Olivia. She is a darling!

  3. you are going to town on these cuties! full of love you can tell!