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Thursday, April 28, 2011

She's my Invincible summer....

"In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me, an invincible summer."
I painted this picture of my daughter, Rebekka, and put the above quote on it. Her autism is at times, so overwhelming, it's like a winter blizzard. A whiteout none of us can seem to navigate our way out of...pressing in on every side. Then her beautiful heart and shining spirit blaze into the darkness, and remind me of her invincible summer that lives within. She reminds me why I am working and trying so hard, travelling down so many rocky paths and exhausting days. For her. Her heart, her spirit, her future.
Everyone who meets her sees it. Her exuberance, joy, sparkle and light.

Then I thought to myself today...that quote is about me too. About all of us really.We have a beautiful invincible summer inside of us. We shine when we give, we love, we share, we sacrifice.

Thank you for all of your wonderful inspiring hearts! I am so blessed to have so much invincible summer in my life. Shine brightly my friends! I will talk to you on monday. xoxo Tam


  1. Wow Tammy! You caught her spirit perfectly! The cool blue wintery background and her summery green dress. I love the layers the colors, the movement of her hair and her pretty pretty face. Will you be hanging this in her room? It's absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. If your daughter is as beautiful as you, she´s a gem! Your soul is so beautiful, Tammy! (and the outside too!) love the quote. Thank you for sharing the story of your daughter. All the best to you both!

  3. Thanks Tammy, you are an inspiration.

  4. i love this sooo much! you are so wonderful at captivating a tender moment. your children are lucky to have you! what a beautiful post from someone with such a gorgeous soul. xoxox jennifer