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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WOW!! Back From Artfest!!

Artfest is always such an incredible time...but this year was my best year yet. The fort and surroundings are so full of beauty... Our classrooms are historical and quirky.
The ocean is only a quick walk away.

And I get to leave behind 3 feet of snow for tulips and sunshine. sigh...
Trades are one of my favorite parts of artfest. It's nice to know you don't have to make them, but it is really fun to stretch and imagine what would make a good trade. The first year I went to artfest, I had no idea what to expect. I made 20 of these little metal tins....
I collaged and hand painted them...

and filled them with all kinds of pearls and beads and a shell I had put a special word into, as well a few got some teeny tiny glass starfish my Aunt Deb had made. Well, they were gone the first night. 20 was definitly not enough. LOL!

The second year I made small plaster hearts that I painted and put whimsical sayings and wings onto. A bit of wire, glitter(of course) and some beads to finish.
This year I made 60 of these tiny glass glitter bottle creatures with hand sculpted paperclay heads. I painted the faces (and put glitter on them! haha!) Then sewed a ruffled ribbon collar to them. Lots of people don't get quite as elaborate, but it is just so much fun to make little things like this to give away, I am already trying to see what I can come up with for next year.
My classes this year were such a blast. I had such a hard time deciding. Finally I picked the wood totem class with Karen Michel. She is so incredibly talented. I have admired this class on show and tell night for 3 years, so I finally took it. I actually jumped up and down in class when she showed us how to achieve her distressed wood technique. Yes, I did. I used a theme on mine, with vintage sewing and antique things.
Antique buttons, a vintage spool cut in half ( by my mom in her hotel room! LOL!)
An antique safety pin and 1930's mother of pearl buttons. Karen also taught us how to make our own paint, and was so wonderfully generous. It was really a perfect class (except too short!)
This is my second day class with Michelle Allen. If you ever can, take a class from her. She is so imaginative, and creative and funny. I loved her class! She showed us how to make these adorable paperclay figures, and how to paint them. We also made these awsesome shadow boxes to put them in. I had to send everything else from that class home with my mom, so I don't have pictures of my box or other character yet. I put a crackle finish on my bunny to distress him a little, and I love how he turned out. It was so interesting to see the amazing differences in everyones ideas and work. That is one of my favorite parts about being an artist. Seeing how every brain creates and works so differently to come up with such an amazing array of work from the same class. I would have loved to post some examples of the teachers work, but I didn't ask for their permission so check out their blogs for inspiration!

I have been so blessed to get Misty 3 years in a row now. All I can say is wow! She has been so influential in my art, and how I now veiw creativity. I absolutely adore her wonderful heart and her amazing classes.
This painting is actually from my last years class with Misty, but my mom has my painting from this year in her car...so I'll have to post it later.

My most favorite part of Artfest though is the people!!
Mom creating into the wee hours of the night in our dorm!
Hysterical Michelle being goofy and wonderful!
Amazing artist Mindy (who I totally geeked out over and went back to her vendor table 3 times!) Those are her adorable little monster rag dolls.
Incredibly gifted and generous Misty (who I have a secret artist crush on! LOL!!)
Super talented Janne from Norway, who blows me away with her art and her kindness!
Kindred spirit Regina, who I only met in the hallway a few times last artfest, but because of the wonderful world of art blogs, I got to greet with a big hug this year. Her creativity is so inspiring! I didn't get pictures of my Sunny and Cheryl and Dottie and Sharon and many others who made artfest so wonderful for me this year. I can't wait to go back! Hope you all had a safe journey home, and I am so excited to see what we all create this year.


  1. Yay!! Can't wait to see all this stuff in person. Jealous of all those people who got to bask in the sunshine of you while I was missing you, but I "get" you for the other 51 weeks. :-)


  2. I miss you too!! I love everything that you made. You are amazing and super talented. Next year is going to be awesome! I can't wait!!

  3. p.s. Can you please send me that picture of us? I think misty took a really good one too. I'll have to ask her.

  4. Hi Tammy! It was so wonderful to meet you this year, and I hope I get to see you next year! Thank you so much for sharing your adventures on the blog. Art hugs from Jane (from 2 doors down in 225, with the furry beads)

  5. Great post Tammy! your pictures are wonderful, makes me feel like im there again! xo Doreen

  6. Hi Tammy,
    I just wanted to send a big,huge THANK YOU! I got one of your pieces at ArtFest and I just Love! It is so, so beautiful! She is in my art room, happy up on the wall for me to see every day:). Hugs, Lisa (michelle0665@yahoo.com)

  7. Hi, Tammy it was so nice meeting you at Artfest this year. I just love your bunny and gal you made in Michelle's class- you're very talented. Hope to see you next year- and do stay in touch in blogland! :)

  8. It really WAS the best time, huh??!!! I so enjoyed seeing you and your mom again and getting to hang out and talk and just support each other. There's just no other event quite like Artfest. I'm so glad Basil came to live with you...and your little bunny guy is adorable!! They'll be great friends! Send me an email at SunnyCDolls@aol.com and I'll send the pics of us that you didn't get. Love you, Girl!!

  9. You´re so talented, Tammy! Those trades you make, are AMAZING! Love that tin!
    And yes, it was great to spend more time with you this year. Already looking forward to next year! Ha, ha... But before that, it´s Christmas-ornament-time! And before that, ... we´ll have to think of something. Ok?

  10. you are dee bomb diggity girl!
    i am blessed to be able to call you a friend. not only are you super sweet and funny- BUT also an AMAZING ARTIST!!! xoxo