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Monday, April 25, 2011

Professor Hootinsnoot!!

Professor Hootinsnoot stopped by this afternoon. He had heard I make killer mouse pellet crumpets." What! No, you must have me confused with someone else (who has scary cooking preferences I might add")!"Pish tosh! he exclaimed! I'll have a spot of tea then. "That I can do", I replied.

He filled me in on all sorts of bookish and owlish facts, and we had a delightful afternoon! LOL!

Some "Studio Saturday"pictures on a Monday cause that's the way I roll. Plus it was Easter, and my sons birthday, and I had company for the weekend! I know..."Excuses! Excuses!" I hear you saying...LOL!

This was the word I chose the year the kids were diagnosed with Autism. I put it above the window in my studio to remind me of miracles, and hope and silver linings.

Little vintage vignettes that I love to look at.

My door of ribbon. I wish I could tell you that this was my whole collection...and my husband wishes the same sentiment, however, this is about a third of my ribbon! YES! I LOVE ribbon. I bought a cool hanger from IKEA, put the ribbon onto metal jump rings, and hung them in a rainbow of awesomeness from my door.

Short and sweet today, I get a few hours to myself tonight, and I hope to make something fun in the art room! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter full of peace and blessings. xo Tam


  1. I am sitting here grinning from ear to ear!! Your post made me smile in so many ways! I love ribbon, too...although maybe yarn more but I LOVED Professor Hootinsnoot completely! So fantastic! he almost came to life (even on a computer screen!)! I also loved the post on my blog...that made me feel so special. I am so glad your mom is enjoying her purse...and the jealousy of her friends is rewarding as well!! LOL. Both you and your mother are such special people to me. Happy Birthday to your son! I will talk to you soon.

  2. Hootinsnoot is a hoot! And so are you! Thanks for showing some of your creative space. I find it extra inspiring to look at other´s spaces now that I am trying to make a new one for myself.

  3. oh-my sweetness! professor hootinsnoot!! love the name and gramps clothes his rockin'.......but wait, then I scroll down and meet my partner in crime-miss snoodles!!! any gal who likes chocolate in abundance is a friend of mine! :)