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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Studio Saturday and Artfest Loot!

So I thought I would post a few little detail shots of studio number 1. Much to my dear husbands chagrin...I have started to convert the laundry room next to this studio into studio # 2. I just have too many loves I tell ya! And when I gently remind him that he has a 24 by 28 garage all to himself with absolutely no house items allowed...he just smiles and asks "what color were you thinking?" LOL! Good man! good man! I have a real problem with my addiction to ribbon, and glitter...this is just one small shelf of I'm ashamed to say (but not really ashamed) many more! Evil Martha! Why did she have to go and make so many awesome colors?
I have quite a few clocks in my studio (5 actually) so why is it I'm still always late to pick up the kids from school?
One of my walls of art from some of my favorite artists. {Hey Regina and Misty xo}
Vendors night at Artfest is intense! Imagine hundreds of women (and a few brave men) all scouting through amazing artists tables full of awesome stuff, and knowing if you walk away from the cool treasure you have in your hand, it probably wont be there in 15 minutes...but what about all the other tables?? What happens when I run out of money, and then find something too cool?? Do I really need to eat on the way home to canada?? No! I will spend my food money too! (insert maniacal laughter here) Ya, that's pretty much how it goes every year. My mom has had mercy on me every year and bought me food on the ferry ride home...but I think she is becoming wise to my ploy. (don't read that last bit mom). :o)

Amazing antique photos and treasures...
K, I didn't buy this at vendors night , but my wonderful friend Janne from Norway gave me her class sample!! Isn't it awesome? It's currently being made into something cool for me!
Beautiful little art blocks from Michelle Allens booth!
Ahhh! Mindy!! I went back to her booth and kept bringing people. Her stuff was mind blowingly adorable! If only I could have bought more! But there's always etsy...which I already went to today. {sheepish grin} She has coasters people!! how can I stay away?? I don't use coasters, but still! I need them :o) And magnets. Oh the sweet little magnets!
Last bunch of loot was from the dearest Sunny Carvalho. I would link to all these wonderful artists, but I am severely technologically challenged. Sorry, that's on my list of stuff to learn. Sunny said I was officially a stalker once I returned to her booth three times. HAHA! I really respect her amazing talent, and I don't think she actually sleeps...seriously. She is gifted in so many areas. Very fun to shop at her table. I got this beautiful copper bracelet...
This awesome purse, with a print of one of her paintings on the front.
And this is Basil. She is a hand sculpted, hand painted doll. She looks like me...well maybe my nose is smaller. ;O) I couldn't pass her up. They were gone from her table in less than 10 minutes! Check out her blog to see how many cool ones she had.

Hope you all have a splendid weekend, and your hands find beautiful things to do and make!

xoxo Tam


  1. He he he.... I love that you are converting a studio #2. I'm the same way. My craft supplies runneth over. Over into the dining room, the kitchen, the living room and so on. I may have to kick my husband out of the garage and take that over too (heeee hee hee hee) All part of my evil plan take over the world, I mean the house.

    You have some great stuff.

    Glitter is good....very goood.

  2. Ah, Tam! I love your art room in real life--your pictures of it are beautiful too! Yay Scott for saying yes to art room #2. Love you bunches, sister-friend!!

  3. you are too darn funny...I can hear you talking when I read your blog! (love that when it happens) I too bought one of Mindy's prints and was surfing her marvelous etsy this morning...trouble, artfest marketplace is glorious trouble! :)

  4. I´m so glad you posted pictures from your studio! Love the colors on the walls. I was worried that the bright colors of the lady wouldn´t really suit you, but she might be ok against t the walls. a little wall-flower :-)