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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Artfest doll and two New doll faces!

My mom came up for Easter and brought the suitcase I couldn't fit (didn't want to pay extra for) on the plane. So I have the unfinished projects from my 1st and 2nd day classes. Michelle Allen's class was "whats your story?" Kindof a little life vignette...I did "my life is a circus". In the crazy chaotic up and down sort way...NOT the dancing bears and cotton candy everyday way. mmm...cotton candy. Sorry I get distracted easily! So here is the very first "art doll"I have ever made. She's a bit butchy...hahaha! but I like her.

She has a pompom on her hat you can't see well, and both of her knees are jointed with a bead. She also has painted toes, and I used cupcake liners for her little skirt.

This is her box. The black and white bunny will be on the top, holding heart balloons, and she will be balancing on the chair in a most circus like fashion. (like my son when he wants something that's too high up.) I once came downstairs to find him on top of a CRAZY stack ... a chair, then a step ladder, a footstool and....A BEACH BALL!! I am not kidding. He was teetering on top of it all trying to get a movie I had taken away! Hence the theme my life is a circus. That boy has problem solving skills I tell ya! LOL!

I found making my first doll so fun, I started making more when I got home. Here is the start of one of the heads...

I painted them last night...just a bit of a sneak peek. Mindy Lacefield got me hooked on the amazing pinky red paint you see on the faces. Thanks so much for the wonderful tip Mindy!

The second face in progress. You will have to check back to see them getting done!

Little closing thought for the day...."To enjoy yourself is the easy method to give enjoyment to others." Hope you all do something you love today! xo Tam


  1. Does everything you touch turn into gold?! It seems like it. You make the most magical pieces of wonderful art, Tammy!

  2. Oh I love the new face colors, sweet! Love M

  3. oh wow the story of your son.....what a balancing act that must have been to witness (and i'm sure scared the wits out of you....)

    i LOVE the red you did on the dolls face....omg girl you are rockin' it. so so amazing.

    love you dear girl!

  4. You are amazing my beautiful friend!!I love both your girls! Beautiful! It's coming along wonderfully!!

  5. Great photos Tam. The vignettes remind me of the I Spy books. Also loved the cupcake skirts what a clever use of these!!

  6. Great photos Tam. Your vignettes remind me of I Spy books. Also loved the cupcake skirt - very clever!!