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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

WARNING! Mom's birthday present spoiler alert!!

This is my latest creation. The monster rag doll class at artfest looked so fun, I was really inspired to make some. I am not quite brave enough to do the fangs and whole bit yet...plus her name is Sprinkles...and a Sprinkles with fangs seems like a bit of an oxymoron no?? My mom was so in love with the class I thought Id make her one for her birthday. Don't keep reading mom! you'll spoil your surprise! LOL!

None of my kids clothes are safe now!! It was so much fun to make her! Her face is a piece of a vintage chenille blanket, her collar and arms are, what used to be some shirts of my daughters! hahaha! Here's a whole shot of her.

Seriously...you can tell me. Does this color make my butt look big??

Chillin' in the studio...waiting for the many brothers and sisters that are sure to be born this week!! Rabbits do have a nasty habit of multiplying. Be back soon with more!

Hop to it and go make art!! xoxo Tam


  1. ooooh I love my prezzie! She is so cute! Okay I waited a whole ten minutes to look, lol!!! Well my birthday was a few days ago so I figured it was okay. Excuses, excuses! Can't wait to see her brothers and sisters, I remember when we had rabbits, they did indeed multiply 1 + 1 = xxxxxxxxx like crazy!

  2. She´s beyond cute! (Just like you) Love her expression, and well, the all-over-cuteness :-) Looking forward to meeting the rest of the family!

  3. Love her!! She is perfect! I bet your little ones will want one too! I have bunnies multiplying too. Hope they don't get out of control while I'm at work today.

  4. oh my goodness she is SO CUTE!!! nice booty too! can't wait to see the babies!

  5. ha. you're funny. and that rabbit is too darn cute...and yes, she NEEDS a late night journaling crew to hang with! :)