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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just Begin Already!!

I have a hard time starting...and perfectionism likes to try and rough me up from time to time! I need to just start! So here I am, starting! I had my other blog since March of 2009, and didn't post anything on it! LOL! I wasn't witty enough, I didn't have a nice enough picture etc. Well, silly is silly, no matter how you say it, so I am just going to begin. Here's to courage and trying new things!
Winter has been long this year, but it gave me some time to work on lots of projects. One of my favorites were my little vintage glass bottle snowmen. I saw this idea in an older issue of "Cloth Paper Scissors" magazine. I fell in love with them, and my mom and I made a whole bunch. Ive only been able to give 3 away though because they are so cute! The one I made here was made out of a vintage salt and pepper shaker. I put a pewter spoon in her hand,and covered her with German glass glitter. The ones in the magazine didn't have any arms, but snowmen need little stick arms right? How else would they make snowcones or keep their mittens on?