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Monday, May 30, 2011

More scrap stuffies and a painting.

"In a full heart there is room for everything..." Antonio Porchia

I have these 2 wonderful girls from the high school who come to do therapy with my children every week. They are the kind of girls I wish I had been like at 18. Dependable, and so amazing with my kids. They really go above and beyond with everything they do for our family, and I just love them. So for their grad gifts I thought I would make them each a stuffie that they had been admiring in my to do pile.

They are such good friends...

Pookie is shy, being an owl and all, but she would give you the feathers off her back! She is brave and so smart.

I put Codie's initial on the tummy for a sweet monogram touch that I really like. It's hard to see but she has tufts of fun fur poking off the top of her head.

Doodle is a kind and soft hearted soul. She loves that Pookie is always looking out for her.

I put Sara's initial on her tummy as well. I am hoping that they take them to college with them next year, so every time they look at them they will remember what amazing and special girls they are! We have been so blessed to have them in our family and I will really miss them.

These stuffies turned out so fun, I am having a really hard time parting with them though! LOL!! I will give them away...I promise...teehee.

Here is a little pear triptych I did. I used a gel medium transfer on the canvas, then painted the pears. I also used oil pastels, inks and stamps. Click on the image to see the details if you want. Ever since college I have loved to paint pears. I have no idea what makes me love them so, but I still haven't stopped painting them after all these years. Tomorrow I will show you this weeks obsession though. I have owls on the brain! As long as I don't have an owl brain I guess I will be fine. I heard they were not very clever birds...of course my source is the harry potter movie interviews...so perhaps its not that reliable. Haha!

Have a Bea"hoot"iful day everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by! xoxox Tam


  1. Those stuffies are adorable! How nice to be able to make these fun little creatures for 2 such great role models....

    Those pears! They are amazing! I clicked and was dazzled by all the rich details! The paisleys poking thru were a nice surprise :)

    Keep up "owl" the great work....heehee ;P

  2. Such cute monsters! Personalized and all!
    Sometimes the people in our lives are just such blessings! I´m glad you had two such great girls with you this year.

  3. They are so cute, I just love them! It is no wonder they take a long time to make, each one has such a personlity. I am sure the young ladies will love them too.

  4. Those are awesome and very thoughtful gifts. They will love them!!

    LOVE the pears too~

  5. great stuffies Tammy, and again I love the pear painting