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Monday, May 9, 2011

Some handmade love...

It has been a very long week, filled with government meetings fighting for the kids funding, transition meetings trying to get support for the kids next school year, dentist appointments and such! Whew! I haven't had any time to be creative...but I don't like not sharing for so long! So here's some things I am working on or made in the past for you to have a peek at!
The girls are slowly progressing.....they hate being bald, so maybe today they will get some hair!

My princess birdie...

I made these bird assemblages a while back, and they were so incredibly fun to make! Photocopies of bird heads, copper and tin wings, old junk jewelry and of course some glitter!

The winter bird...

Sorry the pictures are not the greatest, they are hard to photograph.

The Showgirl from Las Vegas bird! LOL!!

Sweet Seaside bird...I love the ocean.

Teeny tiny owls that are perfect to use up those small scraps of a favorite fabric. I made these with my mom. We had seen the idea on a blog a long time ago, I am sorry I do not remember where so I can give credit to the original artist.

hoot hoot!

Have a super monday everyone! xoxox Tam


  1. I love everything that your crafty hands whip up! So versatile, so great!

  2. I meant to make your name a link on my blog post! I just went back and did it. I am working hard on my submissions...I am SO ready to be done with them!! I keep changing my mind and starting over. Back to the studio!! Peeks when it's all over!

  3. Tammy, these are amazing!!! I love those birdies!! so, so, beautiful. They are sparkly...I love sparkly!!

  4. I adore these birds!!! And the Owls are adorable! You have been very busy indeed!

  5. oh YUM! love the birds. WANT the owls. and can't wait to see the girlies with some hair! you are one versatile artist extraordinaire. :)