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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Art Sale Fun!

A friend had asked if I wanted to be a part of a art and craft show she was having. I said sure, then promptly went into panic mode, because the date was only 3 weeks away when she asked and I had nothing to put in it. Haha! That is so very me. It makes my very methodical, prepared husband crazy...poor man. But I managed to make 40 pairs of earrings, and do some paintings as well.
The earrings were a big hit, and I was so nervous because this was my first time making jewelry. I took a couple classes but have never tried to make anything to sell. I had so much fun with etching metal though that the earrings were just too fun to make! I used copper, nickel and brass for the etched metal design part, and silver for the french wires. Using Muriatic acid to etch was pretty beastly, but I can't get the less toxic ferric chloride up here where I live....so I looked like a mad scientist with a face shield and smock and long rubber gloves!! I should have taken a picture of that.

Detail of the bottom of my latest painting. (Pear in the Poppies)

This also sold, which was a complete surprise! The ink wasn't even dry and I wasn't sure I was ready to part with it yet. It was a huge canvas, and I was thinking of hanging it in my bathroom (which is done in these same colors), but I guess I'll just have to make another painting! It's always nerve wracking I find to put my art out there, and I'm always so surprised and excited when people connect with my work. The woman who bought this wore plum colored shoes, and told me it was going to look amazing on her purple wall. I'm so happy it's going to a home filled with colour to be loved. An artist can't ask for more than that! Well, selling stuff is pretty cool too. :o)

Friday, November 5, 2010

This is a painting I did this week for my upcoming sale. Its so wonderfully freeing to create things. My art is usually full of whimsy and nature. Lately I am feeling so drawn to color, I can hardly contain myself in my work. This is hopefully just the first of at least a few to be put in the sale. We will see what happens :o)

Little Snowmen!

Lots of creating going on around here. Have 2 sales this month, and a little gallery in my hometown that asked for some stuff, so I have actually been producing some stuff.

First sale made 22 of these little vintage bottle snowmen as I like to call them. I usually find antique medicine bottles or vintage salt and pepper shakers for the bodies. Then I fill them with pearls,glass beads, glitter. Next I make the heads from paper clay, and roll their noses out of sheet copper. A few I ran through my embossing machine to put tiny polka dots on the copper, and I liked how that looked. Next decorate the head. I usually use long stick pins, beads and anything that can be used for crowns or hats. I even did one with Angelina fiber for hair! Looked a bit too much like a troll though...so I kept her. Next make the arms with steel wire and put things in their arms! I have an amazingly talented artist friend who makes lampwork beads,and she made all the glass mittens on some of their hands! Next wrap their necks up with scarves. I like to use fibre, silver wire, pipe cleaners etc. Then I hang little charms with old tiny safety pins, and cover the head and parts of the body in German Glass glitter. Sharp, but so sweet. I wish I had better pictures, but I remembered I hadn't taken any photos 10 minutes before I had to drop them off! So here's some not so great photos of them. Sold quite a few, then I sent the rest to the gallery for the gift shop. We usually have tonnes of snow by this time of year, but strangely it is still above zero here, so making little snowmen while looking out at the still brown world was relaxing. All I need now is a little Nat "king" Cole...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall and other things

Fall comes quickly here and is gone just as fast....I think its the wind! Nothing can stand up to it. Got a few pictures of some of my flowers in the back yard this week after a couple frosts. I love how beautiful they still look, even with the subdued colors, and the withering petals. The rose was a surprise...it hasn't bloomed for a long time.
I made some earings today. My aunt sent me the music note etched metal, and I loved it so much I had to make something with it right away. I have hardly made any jewelry, so I made some mistakes..but since they are just for me, it's ok. :o)

There is a big art show coming up here in my town. Last year I sold everything that I put in it, which was a huge surprise (and a bit of an esteem builder) Sometimes its hard to keep creating when people just don't seem to "get" what you make. That's when I have to remind myself that I am creating for me. For my health and joy and personal fulfillment...if other people happen to like it, that's the pink icing on top of the cupcake! So far I have created nothing for the show this year though. So much life stuff, and not much studio time. Hopefully I will actually get more than one post in this month. I would love to have a better record for myself of all the art and life stuff for down the road.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Postcard #'s 1 and 4

I found the image of my first postcard that I painted for the swap. I tried to load it at the bottom of the paragraph below, but for whatever reason(I am VERY technologically challenged)it showed up at the top here...hmm. I need all the help I can get computer wise. I have had my digital SLR camera for 4 years now, and I just figured out TONIGHT how to download my pictures. Seriously! I just kept buying more SD cards when they were full. HAHA!! Yikes. I'm an embarrassment to modern living! Please don't mock me too harshly...:o)
I loved the little birdie love on this card. I have had a real creative high from painting birds with string in their beaks this year. In another post I'll put in some of my paintings featuring that same subject matter. I just need to figure out how to get my words in between the images.!

This is postcard # 4 for Nikki in Washington :o). The colors are alot more subdued than I normally do...but it turned out alright. Hope she likes it.

I have been taking an online course from Stephanie Lee these last few weeks, but unfortunately due to the slow postal system, I just received my kit supplies this week. It's on almost all her jewelry techniques. if you have never seen her stuff, go to her blog. She is incredibly talented, and if I learn how to successfully do even half the stuff she teaches us, I will be so blissed out! I am hoping to have something to take my mind off both kids being in school this year. Jewelry, metal books and inspiration OH MY!! I am also really hoping to be able to come here on a much more regular basis. I want to document my life and art, so I can look back and see some evolution...but I am really shy about putting myself out here in blogland. So much so that I haven't told one person that I am doing this blog, and even changed the name of my last one so no one would find me. HAHA! Shelly, I have no idea how you did, but I'm glad your here! :o)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Post Card # 3

It would be really great if I could post more than once a month! This is my last month's postcard sent to a charming artist stranger :o) We've never met, but its so fun to send art in the mail. I am wanting to send lots more, but I have many more ideas, than time. I love using mixed media in my paintings. This girl was painted over top of music and vintage text, layered with stamps and inks. Then I used my Caran d'Ache water soluble wax pastels to sketch over the chair and dress, and around the edge of the postcard. I wish I would have taken pictures of the backs, I have been using photocopies of real postcards sent from Germany in the early 1900's my mom had gotten from a friend. There is something so beautiful and captivating about antiques.

Tonight I get to work on this months postcard. I am in love with painting pears, don't ask me why...I just find their shape so inviting. (kind of similar to mine HAHA!) So I think that's what I will paint tonight.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Balance is good...

When I went to artfest this year, I met alot of fabulous artists. I tend to geek out, thinking how much cooler they are than me, so when Sunny Carvalho asked if Id like to join her and 4 other artists to swap a postcard every month I was blown away! And too excited! This is my second postcard, which I will be mailing today. Really late, but this month has been filled with specialist appointments for my kids on the other side of the country, and many other autism related things...so I'm happy I got it done at all.
As I get older I am realizing the importance of balance. Balance in every area is so important to keep your health and your sanity and your joy intact. Even too much of a good thing is detrimental if it overshadows everything else. That is one of my main goals this year...to consciously and purposefully create and maintain balance. The last 4 years has been an insane ride. Autism and all that it entails completely took over our lives. Every moment of mine has been taken up with therapy, research, cooking special diets, supplement schedules, travelling to Dr.'s, and trying to be super mom to my 2 little ponies. Somewhere along the way, anything that had to do with fun, or joy fell by the wayside in dealing with our grief that both of our children were diagnosed with autism, and then the race to try and help them in anyway possible. I think we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel, the kids progress has been incredible and we are remembering that attitude is everything. I get to choose how today will affect me. I can choose joy, and balance and I will!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just Begin Already!!

I have a hard time starting...and perfectionism likes to try and rough me up from time to time! I need to just start! So here I am, starting! I had my other blog since March of 2009, and didn't post anything on it! LOL! I wasn't witty enough, I didn't have a nice enough picture etc. Well, silly is silly, no matter how you say it, so I am just going to begin. Here's to courage and trying new things!
Winter has been long this year, but it gave me some time to work on lots of projects. One of my favorites were my little vintage glass bottle snowmen. I saw this idea in an older issue of "Cloth Paper Scissors" magazine. I fell in love with them, and my mom and I made a whole bunch. Ive only been able to give 3 away though because they are so cute! The one I made here was made out of a vintage salt and pepper shaker. I put a pewter spoon in her hand,and covered her with German glass glitter. The ones in the magazine didn't have any arms, but snowmen need little stick arms right? How else would they make snowcones or keep their mittens on?