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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A few new art journal pages!

Here are a few art journal pages I have done this month. I love this perky little guy! I did gel medium transfers for the backgrounds, then used inks, acrylic, watercolors and caran d'ache crayons to paint the pictures on top. 

A detail of the little birdie and the cherry blossom. This bird was inspired by Cori Dantini's art. She is an amazing artist and I really love her work.
 Chairs and birds are a very reoccurring theme in my work...does anyone know if there is a significance to that??
 Another detail shot...
 This is my fairy art mother! LOL! In the Lifebook class I am taking, Tamara had us make a picture of a kind and encouraging art fairy to help us when we have the horrid inner critic pop up and tell us how crappy we are. We are supposed to put in affirmations throughout the year that are the opposite of what the critic is telling us. This is a really personal and helpful exercise, and we are supposed to leave her out where we can look at her whenever we make art.
 It has really helped me so far. Just re-reading and saying positive things to yourself about your art helps bring you up, and build confidence. Make your own art fairy and give it a try! :o)
And don't forget to be kind to yourself and follow your heart! Have a wonderful day friends!
xoxo Tam

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"The Mercy Seat"

Here is my newest painting I just finished today. I am donating this one to Dawson Creek Gallery for their yearly fundraiser. I hope it brings them some good bids. It is pretty different from the usual art up here...but I am learning to be true to my own voice and style. Otherwise the work just doesn't resonate with people and I can't be proud of it either.
I wish the colors could be as vibrant online as they are in my studio. I must still have spring on the brain! Blooms and butterflies :o)

This is a close up shot of a part of the top. Wishing you a sunny day friends!
                                 xoxo Tam

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We will be ok...

I have been taking a year long online art class called Lifebook 2013 from Tamara LaPorte. She has gathered up 22 really cool artists from all over the globe to teach classes by video over the year.
One of the teachers this month is one of my favorites (Mindy Lacefield).
I have had an art crush on her since the first day I saw her stuff at vendor night at Artfest. I love layers and whimsy and a deeper meaning and her work encompasses all of this.
So for her lesson she walked us through a page about connection with each other.
I did the first layer of writing over the entire page. I wrote the chapter from 1 Corinthians 13 on love.
Then stuff just started to spill out about my relationship I have with my daughter. I wrote that over top of the first layer. Next she had us use spray inks and paint and stamps then finally the figures.
I didn't have a preconceived idea for this, I just started painting...but when I saw it was a bear and a girl I really knew it was about my daughter and I. I have called her pooky bear forever, and I have been having so much anxiety and worry over where we are headed. Growing up is hard enough, but when you add Autism on top of it some days I feel like I'm drowning. Drowning in worry and guilt over not being a better parent, not being patient enough or setting a good enough example. The tears just started to pour out when I wrote "don't be scared pooky bear, we will be OK..." I know I am saying the words as much for my benefit as for hers. I can't let go of my hope, and I know God wont let me down...but some days I have to tell myself "we will be OK" over and over just to make it through. Sorry for spilling, anyone who knows me personally knows I wear my heart on my sleeve, and some days my sleeve is a mess! LOL! I'll leave you with my favorite part of the love chapter...

"Love bears up under anything and everything that comes, is ever ready to believe the best of every person, it's hopes are fadeless under all circumstances and it endures everything {without weakening}. Love never fails..."  
1 Corinthians 13: 7-8                       xoxo Tam

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Is it spring yet??

You know your Canadian when.... It says spring on the calendar...and we dig through 2 and a half feet of snow to make a path to the barbecue...in a severe snow fall warning (a blizzard) and cook some steaks! All that smoke is actually steam from the snow evaporating as it hits the bbq! :o) Mmmm, they were so yummy. I can't wait for spring to get here! So until then I hope my husband will still be game to stand outside and freeze so we can have a little taste of summer. LOL!

xoxo Tam

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Look what I made today!

I found this beautiful ivory rose button at the antique store last year. I didn't know what I was going to make with it, but it was so pretty I had to buy it. Then with all things that I really like, I didn't want to mess it up...so it sat in my studio for months. Finally yesterday morning I sat up in bed (EARLY!) with an idea!
I came down to my studio, and started pairing beads and wire. I wrapped the button with a wire nest and then found some resin flowers from my scrapbooking stash that match so well I made some earrings too! Put on the finishing touches today.

I love how they turned out...then I realized I don't own any brown or cream shirts,
so now I get to go shopping too! YAY! Below is a detail shot while I was making it.
I am longing for spring! I miss the flowers and the sun! Have a wonderful day!
xoxo Tam 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Owl love and online classes...

A page from one of my journals...little sweet owls snuggling close. I love their sleepy faces. Click on the picture for a bigger view if you like. I just started an online class today from my good friend (and wonderful artist) Regina and I am so excited. She is doing a post every day for the entire month on portraits!! I am looking forward to learning some new things. It's so wonderful to be able to see what other people are doing and to share and encourage each other. Go check out her class, there is still time to sign up!!  This week I am going to start a painting to donate for the Dawson Creek fundraiser. I love being able in a small way to help support local art galleries. Isn't art wonderful?? I am so glad that it's in my life :o) Hope you all have a super day!!

           xoxo Tam

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Well it's done! I will only get to enjoy her for one day before I have to drop her off at the gallery. I called it "Bluebird of Happiness"
 Here's a little detail shot of the bottom. I used all sorts of mixed media for this. Acrylic paint, portfolio pastels, India ink, dylusions spray inks (my mom gives such cool presents!) stencils and of course my hands. My favorite blending tool since I took a class from Mindy Lacefield.
Hope the little bluebird of happiness sits on your shoulder today giving you some joy!

                         xoxo Tam