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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gratifying Whim...

"The pleasure of gratifying whim is very great. It is known only by those who are whimsical."
James Boswell

This is Snoodle. I thought she was going to be a good playmate for Sprinkles, but I was wrong. She is a very naughty bunny (as you can see from the mooning picture below) I look up from working and she's eaten every last chocolate egg!! Well you know I couldn't possibly consume that much chocolate, so it must have been her...see how she's looking up and avoiding eye contact?

The starts of Blinkin.

Naughty Snoodle, wishing she could come to your studio and eat all of your chocolate eggs!

Thank you so much for boosting my confidence in gratifying my whims by your awesome comments. My inner critic keeps telling me different, and I really appreciate your encouragement! :o) Have a wonderful Good Friday everyone. xo Tam


  1. Wow! You have a natural talent for whimsical monster-rabbits! They just keep popping out! One more adorable than the other!! It can be expensive this new hobby of yours though. Having to buy chocolate to all these bunnies....

  2. She IS naughty!! She must have a friend that lives at my house, because my chocolate eggs have disappeared too! Have no idea how that happened...

    I guess we are going to have to buy more. It's a shame,really.

    Love them!! You have no idea how amazing you are!!

  3. Lovely! So impressed with your creativity. It feels like ARTFEST was a dream! I loved meeting you and hope you and your family are doing well♥

  4. you are going to town!!!! love them! i wish you were closer so we could do some arting together! keep your crafty self going, it's so fun seeing what you're coming up with. :)