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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I am a bird whisperer...and a GIVE AWAY!! Whoohoo!!

For Mothers Day, I got to sleep in, then my husband made me blueberry pancakes (he's a keeper!) and then we went to visit some wonderful friends on their acreage. Kids and hay bales!

They had baby chicks and 3 day old turkey chicks! So adorable...as I held one of the turkey chicks it fell asleep in my hand and my friend said I must be a bird whisperer. Hahaha. Technically a turkey whisperer. That will look great on my resume don't you think?? However I may start to feel a little guilty at thanksgiving!

Nothing says sexy like ginormous rubber boots! Oh ya!!

Ok, OK! What about the giveaway?? First, I need your help...I would like your opinion on my art dolls hair. Does it work?? I am not sure, and I would love to have your thoughts on it. I have bought a table at a huge Women's show in October, and I was thinking of trying to sell these...but I am not sure if the hair looks good. So If you leave a comment (constructive and honest please) I will enter your name into my little draw to win one of the tiny baby owls from the last post!! Sound fun? So here are 2 of the dolls...Love and Faith.

They won't have pins sticking out of their arm joints when they are done, but after a drill bit breaking and then drilling a hole through my finger this winter, I am a little power tool shy! Waiting for hubby to have time. LOL!

I have never made dolls before, so if anyone has any tips on making them or attaching hair, I would love to hear them. I am off to clean my studio! I have to make a ton of stuff for the show coming up, so hopefully you will all get some more arty eye candy over the next 5 months.
Have a wonderful tuesday everyone, and don't be shy!!! Leave a comment so you might win!

xoxox Tam


  1. oMG....i love their hair. i like to think they look like little dreadlocks....so cute! i think it would be fun to have girls with different colored dreads...a whole slew of dolls each with their own distinct voice. you are amazing! love ya dear girl!!


  2. oh my word these are cute! love the hair you have on them here! i always paint my hair on so i'm probably not much help.

    i don't know what this gal does for her doll hair but it's fantastic http://dubuhdudesigns.typepad.com.

  3. They are both cute, but I think the hair-color should be bolder. Especially on the pink girl. Slightly darker, and deeper, bolder colors would make them even better. But I really like the yarn, it looks like dread-locks! Super-cute!!

  4. Awww, I love their hair. I agree with Janne though. Maybe a little bit of a bright hair color. I love their shape and their arms. You should definitely sell them.

  5. I really like the hair... I think it matches their personalities

  6. Super cute, I love the hair! But if you are questioning it maybe you need to play around till you find the one thing! Remember if you are making it for you.... I got some really bright pink, orange and shaded variegated yarn at the $ store that you could try as well. I will try to send you some in an envelope (but it might not match the colors, so no pressure). What about a twirly twisty updo on one of the next ones too!

  7. Tammy! these are absolutely WONDERFUL!! i love the hair - i think it's the texture that i like so much....the color could be anything that shows off the personality of the doll...im thinking that they're all going to have their own personalities!

  8. These are absolutely awesome Tammy! I love their hair and my Faith wants to know if the green one is her...since green is her favorite color. :) I love their names too!!!

  9. you are crazy girl....love the dolls and think the hair color style length all of it looks great with the face paint coloring you did...love how it's all the same tone...I think if you did any other color on the hair you'd take away from the dolls faces...so don't change a thing dolly! :-)

  10. I like the hair, and I think it works great! I can't decide which I like better...but I like that the one is holding a heart, so I guess that one is my favorite.

  11. Love the texture of the hair; it seems to suit them to a tee! I would also suggest playing with colors. I guess I would throw in a bit of their dress coloring in their hair as they are more whimsical than realistic, and I prefer your whimsical dolls with dreads over the others mentioned. Yours are so sweet, and different colors would give each a unique personality. I can imagine people choosing their favorite color and the doll that most represents their "whimsical alter-ego". So cute! Best of luck! Jeannie

  12. I LOVE, LOVE the hair... seriously, I wouldn't change it... but you know we'll love whatever you end up doing!! Loving all the posting you're doing lately!! Hugs!! -Shelly

  13. Tammy,
    You are an amazing woman!Happy Birthday to you...I love the yarn you have used for the hair and I think some raspberry hair would be fabulous as well. I find with selling that people like some choice but not too much, so three different hair colors would be great, also a mixture would be fun! Thanks for the gratitude reminder, it is such a powerful tool. xoxoxo Piper

  14. Hi,

    The hair looks good, maybe try a thinner yarn, or braiding it?? And some different colors, so there is a selection for everyone! If I don't win a baby owl, how can I get one??? lo ILOVEOWLS!!!! Thanks, hope you do well at the craft show!!