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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A few new art journal pages!

Here are a few art journal pages I have done this month. I love this perky little guy! I did gel medium transfers for the backgrounds, then used inks, acrylic, watercolors and caran d'ache crayons to paint the pictures on top. 

A detail of the little birdie and the cherry blossom. This bird was inspired by Cori Dantini's art. She is an amazing artist and I really love her work.
 Chairs and birds are a very reoccurring theme in my work...does anyone know if there is a significance to that??
 Another detail shot...
 This is my fairy art mother! LOL! In the Lifebook class I am taking, Tamara had us make a picture of a kind and encouraging art fairy to help us when we have the horrid inner critic pop up and tell us how crappy we are. We are supposed to put in affirmations throughout the year that are the opposite of what the critic is telling us. This is a really personal and helpful exercise, and we are supposed to leave her out where we can look at her whenever we make art.
 It has really helped me so far. Just re-reading and saying positive things to yourself about your art helps bring you up, and build confidence. Make your own art fairy and give it a try! :o)
And don't forget to be kind to yourself and follow your heart! Have a wonderful day friends!
xoxo Tam


  1. Beautiful pages, I love your birds and your art fairy is adorable. You are so talented and lucky me - I know you!

  2. As always, so beautiful, just like you. Love mama

  3. Hi Tam,
    I was thinking of you and your lovely art, decided to pop by your blog. So beautiful. I love your post of the art you did from the Mindy Lacefield Lifebook class.