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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Some studio day stuff...

Sometimes when I need to be really productive, and get stuff done I go into reverse. Does that ever happen to you? My husband says I "go Ostrich" and bury my head in the sand. LOL! I bought a table at the Women's show for October of this year. Its an amazing opportunity. I need to make ALOT of art and jewelry for it. I want to do it, but now I feel pressure and suddenly the laundry really has to get done...today, NOW!! Oh and that closet that I haven't sorted for 4 years...oh yes! VERY important that I get to that...today...NOW!! The closets are cleaned, all the kids clothes that are too small have been sorted, the magazines I have been collecting for 10 years...PURGED! You get the picture. Does anyone else do that?? Why do I do it? Sigh... I don't know. But its annoying! To do list...change annoying personality traits. Hmm, I must get to that...today...NOW!! Hahaha!

So yesterday I had a studio day, and started on some earrings.

Here's a painting I am working on. It still needs alot of work...

I started this one in Misty Mawns artfest class this year, and I still need to finish it up.

And these pics are of my first ever art journal page. I did it last night after reading Misty's new book "Unfurling". I love it! Its a really good book. I highly recommend it if you want to get some great creating and project ideas.

Do you find art journaling to help you sort through what your going through in life? I am hoping that is the gift I will get from it. Blessings to you all today!! Hope to have a lot more arty stuff to show you this week! xoxo Tam


  1. I have exactly the same problem!!! I had a huge workload today, and what did I do first? Cleaned up the mountains of stuff on my desk which have been sitting there so long that one more day would not have mattered. Glad to know I'm not the only one! Love the paintings!!!! -Shelly

  2. I think your hubby might have coined a new term for us power procrastinators...haha!

    I love that painting right after the earrings...her face is compelling :)
    Good for you with the art journaling...I still can't bring myself to spend time doing art just for myself....I find thereapy in doing trades and making art for others...lol!

  3. I love art making, but the minute I HAVE to do it I feel only like doing everything else. I have the same thing with reading. I love love love it, but when it's required for some reason I cannot get myself to do it and put it off to the last minute. I must say, that when making art that approach does work for me. Somehow I need that stress to perform, but it would be so much easier if I could just relax about it. That's why I try to stay away from deadlines as much as possible. It just makes me more productive.

    Is that your first art journal page? Wow! Good job.

  4. I probably have a black belt in procastrination. (There seems to be a spelling-mistake there)
    Art-journalling is great fun. And it did help me quite a bit the first year I did it. I had my whole class make one each, and since they always complained I gave them too much to do, I could tell them I was making one myself, so there was no reason to whine about it ;-)
    Anyway, I absolutely LOVE the colors on your journal-page.
    Have a great day! An efficient, creative one!

  5. This is me to a tee!
    But maybe the organizing and purging is actually part of the process. Like we need to clear a place for creativity. I know that while I am cleaning out that closet I am thinking of other stuff, perhaps I am inspired by a fabric or a pattern. Also, I have cleared place in my brain. I don't need to think about how unorganized my house is and I am free to create because I feel like I have accomplished something, no matter how mundane it is.
    Love these ones you are working.

  6. must be part of being an creative!!!
    LOVE the painting and the journal page especially! good job my friend!