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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

YAY! I'm Back...for now.

My kids are away...mommy will play! Back to school has come, and I have missed posting here so much! Here are a few of the latest drawings I have been working on. Definitely more cartooney than usual, but I am having so much fun!

My "Go Green Girl!" Complete with postage stamp buttons and a birdie friend!

"Fly Away" is my favorite of them all so far. Her look is so peaceful and happy.

"Blue girl"is thinking fluttery thoughts of summer...as ours is quickly (and I mean QUICKLY) coming to an end. I stitched fabric with matching embroidery floss around the edge. I think if you click on it you can get a better look.

"There was a Little Girl, with a little curl". After I painted this one...she really just needed something more, so I started digging through my artfest trades (some people gave little packets of vintage collage stuff this year) and I found the poem at the bottom! It was even pink!! And I had drawn a curl right in the middle of her forehead. It was serendipity I tell ya! I painted these all in my oversize moleskien journal! Oh how I love that thing! Hope you all have had a great summer full of blessings and joy. Oh, and if anyone is still reading after my looooong absence, the owl babies have flown the nest! I know some of you have already received them. If you have could you drop me a line? Just so I know they actually made it to you?? Have a wonderful wonderful day!
xoxo Tam

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